Everest Technologies is a professional Information Technologies firm specializing in the delivery of IT based solutions, services and products. Started in 1994, we pride ourselves on offering our clients highest quality of technical project support by providing a variety of experts ranging from business analysts to software designers and developers. Whether providing a select project team or individual technical experts, Everest provides support from the initial requirement definitions phase to final implementation of any complex project.

Our people are our greatest asset. Our employees are experts with real world experience that includes initial studies to full implementation to support. Everest consultants bring flexibility and creativity to each project and guarantee extraordinary results for our clients.

In addition to their attention to detail and dedication to quality, Everest consultants are articulate and effective communicators, working well as facilitators for our clients’ solutions. They are committed to upholding our tradition of high standards, ethics and openness.

Everest has gained signification advantage in the industry by working closely with clients in multiple environments and roles. As a result our consultants have the ability to view the issues from the perspectives of the clients. Everest consultants understand our clients’ specific business needs and are able to provide technical solutions that give them the competitive advantage needed in today’s business world.




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